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Choosing the right material to side your home or business is essential in reducing maintenance costs and protecting one of your most important invesments. Deciding which is right for you is a big decision and Amerigreen construction can provide you with insights into which option is best for your needs.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a ranch, add character to a colonial or even re-create a Victorian. It is also available in many different styles, the most common of which is made to look like wood siding. Different textures such as deep wood grain, smooth, sanded, sealed, painted wood - are also available. Vinyl siding is a great way to beautify the exterior of your house, and you will find that it provides flexibility and endless selection.

Metal Siding

Metal sidings are one of the best options for use as per the trend and latest industry standard. They are hard, long-lasting, flexible and lightweight. Metal siding buildings require zero maintenance and perform great under harsh weather condition. Modern city homes and apartment buildings too are presently opting for this type of siding to attract more and more customers. This type of siding is also widely used in homes as it is energy efficient reducing the heating as well as cooling costs in your home.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding weighs more than the newer sidings available on the market today and that makes it more time consuming to apply to your home and more costly. Aluminum siding has the baked on enamel finish, and if scratched, the paint will be removed and the bare metal below will be visible. However, due to the expansive properties of vinyl, aluminum siding takes paint better if you ever decide to re-paint. As far as maintenance goes it needs to be cleaned once a year, and repainted every so often typically 5-10 years.

Cedar Shakes Siding

Cedar shake siding uses rugged, hand-cut shingles that are made by splitting the wood following the grain. Cedar shake siding is a great addition to your home because it provides an extra level of protection against the elements as well as natural insulative qualities. Add that to the fact that cedar is a very durable natural material, and is known for its longevity. Cedar shake siding is one of the many varieties of cedar siding products and is distinguished by being made up of small pieces of cedar that are attached to an exterior wall. Cedar shake siding provides the beauty and comfort of wood without the expensive maintenance of painting every few years. Its also naturally protected from the elements and lasts for years, but over time some it can become dark and old-looking.


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